A Little bit of History.....

The Youth Club was started by Hylda Taylor on Sunday evenings at her house, the 'old' Triangle in Fewster Road. Later it was moved across the road to the Congregational School Room, which at one time was also used for Secondary School meals. The Youth Club was first a Congregational Youth Club for Young People attached to the Chapel, however it soon became an open Youth Club serving Nailsworth and the name Jeanagers was born. The club was still run by Hylda Taylor, Ethel Harrison and Hylda's son Robert. At the time it offered an alternative venue for young people to attend other than the Boys Club that catered for sporting youngsters in Nailsworth. They Jeanagers was a club where bothe genders could 'chill out' and many relationships in Nailsworth started there.

In the early 60's the Jeanagers was well known for live bands which came from all over the West Country to play there on Saturday evenings.

In 1964 the Youth Club took over the old stables at the Chapel and turned it into a coffee bar under the leadership of Roger Catherall, who was the first paid Part Time worker at the club, employed by Gloucestershire County Council. The coffee bar, which is unique, is still as popular today as when it first opened.

In 1970 the Youth Club, through fund raising in the town, purchased the property from the Chapel when the Non-Conformists Churches amalgamated in Newmarket Road.

The building, with aid of grants, was improved and extended with the Jeanagers name continuing well into the 80's.

Following a quiet period with several changes in leadership and a change of name to The Junction, things were looking up and 'back on track'.

Today it is as busy as ever, opening up to 4 evenings a week which is funded by Nailsworth Town Council following a County Council Restructure in early 2011 which saw the majority of Youth Clubs within the County close. A great deal of effort and dedication went into keeping Nailsworth Youth Club running during this time and we are pleased to say that thanks to the support from the Town Council, the Club will be able to continue for the foreseeable future.

Thanks must go to Hylda Taylor, who had the foresight to found the Youth Club and who was associated with it for over 20 years as a willing volunteer.